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Cake Passion
What is Cake Passion ?

Everyone loves a cake

I love cakes, the only thing I love more than cakes is people. Then there is family, friends, pets... then cakes. Well anyway, its pretty high up there in the list of things to do and this passion with my interest in you is what is behind Nicole Marie's kitchen.

Deliverying a cake, customed or not and seeing the faces and reaction of the organiser, the receipent or those that are going to eat it is to me just magical. I forgot about all the hours that go into the cake and the worry of transportation and colouring... it all melts away when i see the reaction. Thats just when they see it, when they taste it, the reaction. Hey don't listen to me, read on and look at what my customers have been saying.

doing the bake to make the cake, since 2020

You should have seen his face when he realised it was a Darth Vadar cake, then when the battenburg popped out on the cutting, well it just made his Birthday. Thank you Nicole, it was truly memorable
- Robyn (Christchurch 2020